What are the benefits of resurfacing?

The benefits of resurfacing are:

  • Affordable – up to 70% cheaper than traditional renovation.
  • Fast – days, not weeks or months compared to renovating.
  • Virtually mess-free – because we are not demolishing and we seal off the area.
  • Better for the environment – no construction waste going into landfill.
  • Durable – Guaranteed for 5 years (bench tops 3yrs).
Is resurfacing durable?

Absolutely.  We use the finest products and a process of systematic fusion. The product will not yellow or crack with age and it does not easily chip. Resurfacing even coats and seals existing grout, virtually eliminating the build-up of mould in the grout lines. Our resurfacing is so durable, we guarantee it for 5 years for all surfaces other than bench-tops (3 years).

What products do you use?

The best. The products we use are imported from the US and are from the premium US and International manufacturer of Resurfacing products. We use the highest quality resurfacing coatings and equipment to ensure the job is done right leaving you with a beautiful and durable surface that does not easily chip. These products have been created specifically for the purpose of resurfacing bathrooms and kitchens, so you know they will be durable and waterproof.  They are also certified the lowest possible-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Our primer, coating and sealants are premium products that will last for years to come.   We offer a 5-year guarantee because we stand behind the products we use.

How is resurfacing better for the environment?

When you choose to resurface you are choosing to keep your existing cabinets, bath, shower, tiles etc. This avoids the landfill waste that is associated with renovating.  You won’t need a skip bin when you choose resurfacing!

How long does it take?

Resurfacing a bathroom can be as fast as 24 hours and a kitchen might take 3-4 days.  Compare this to the weeks or months of renovating, and you will understand why we say that resurfacing is the best alternative to new.

What surfaces can be resurfaced?

In the bathroom we can resurface the basin, bath, shower recess, tiles, vanities and floors. In the kitchen we can resurface cabinets, bench-tops, splash-backs and floors. Virtually any hard surface in your kitchen, bathroom or even your laundry can be resurfaced.

What colours and finishes are available?

We offer a comprehensive line of products and finishes for any of your surfaces from high gloss, low gloss satin and ultra low gloss matte through to bench tops where we also offer a wide range of stone look finishes.

We work with our suppliers and manufacturers to continually develop their line of products, ensuring that we deliver a look that is on trend and modern.

You can view everything we offer on our Products and Finishes page.

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